AT1 Entry #3 Visual Literacy

Visual literacy is a combination of words, images and shapes working together to help the reader make meaning from a story (Winch, Johnston, March, Ljungdahl & Holliday, 2010).  Words and images function together contributing to meaning making (Winch, Johnston, March, Ljungdahl & Holliday, 2010). ‘Clancy the Courageous Cow‘ is written and illustrated by Lachie Hume […]

AT1 Entry #2 Language Features

“Today we have no plans” by Jane Godwin (2012) incorporates large detailed images and a selection of language features that together create a story that is engaging and fun.   This is the essence of children’s literature. This story is written in first person through the eyes of a child, unfolding a week in the life of […]

AT1 Entry #1 Defining Children’s Literature

Children’s literature is a body of writing that opens up the opportunity to explore other times and worlds, developing understanding, emotions, motivation for actions and imagination.  Most importantly children’s literature entertains, providing personal pleasure and temporary escapism. (Lukens, 2007).  Children’s literature develops oral language through reading, allowing children to use language confidently and allowing for […]